Episode 20 | Godsmack

It’s been a while, but believe us, we have missed you!

Godsmack has put out a new album called 1000hp.  We decided to try and prove a point by giving it the whole sixth listen treatment thing.  In the end, the point was proven… six listens did not help us like this album any more than the first impression.

Liam has some great news by getting back into the music scene!  We discuss that throughout the show, but be sure to check out Aenigma at www.aenigma.ca

For those with more patience than us, check out the latest on everything Godsmack at www.godsmack.com or listen to 1000hp on Rdio


For our podcast subscribers, check out the show page at  http://thesixthlisten.com/episode-20-godsmack/

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