Episode 12 | Chevelle and Foo Fighters

We take the opportunity to explore two of our favourite albums as part of our Changed Our Outlook series. First up is 2011’s Hats off to the Bull by Chevelle followed by 1997’s The Colour and The Shape by Foo Fighters.

We also discuss the mating habits of swans and give a preview for what’s to come in our coverage of the The Ottawa Rock Lottery.

Check out Chevelle and Hats off to the Bull on iTunes or Rdio

Check out Foo Fighters and The Colour and the Shape on iTunes or Rdio

And, if you’d like to see video of our friend Whooper, the swan and his new love, check out the video over at the Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2326070/Lonely-swan-grounded-fell-love-helicopter-mate-died.html

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